CultureHum Foundation

Culture is the beginning and end of human flourishing



Director of Operations - Sarah Rohrer

Sarah first joined CultureHum Foundation in 2012 as a teacher-turned-administrator for their school, Molly’s Music, as it expanded in its first 5+ years. She now manages and provides guidance for CultureHum’s many programs, while also filming and editing its video productions.

Sarah graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Biola University, and comes to the mission with experience in non-profits, arts, and education organizations. She was part of the student research teams for Chris Clayman’s 2010 book, EthNYcity: The Nations, Tongues, and Faiths of Metropolitan New York, and volunteers with refugee and immigrant children and adults through arts and ESL classes.


Office Manager - Anne LaBella

Anne LaBella joined CultureHum in 2012, and has been an indispensable member of the team ever since. She wears many different hats at the foundation, from event organizer, interior designer, and accountant, to photographer and makeup artist.

Anne is an East Coast native, and attended Montclair State University where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. Her adolescence and early adulthood were greatly impacted by the apocryphal stories of Northern New Jersey, and she maintains a strong interest in “fringe” topics to this day. Anne has worked as a Lakota tribal archivist, and regularly performs and helps produce operas throughout Southern California.


Marketing - Tiffanie Battram

Tiffanie got her start with the company two years ago as a teacher for their school, Molly’s Music, and joined CultureHum Foundation in 2018. She is excited for the opportunity to take a more hands on role at the foundation.

Tiffanie is a Southern California native, who attended The University of Colorado, Boulder, where she earned a BA in Communication and Technology, Arts & Media with a certification in Peace and Conflict Studies and Business. Tiffanie has a passion for anything creative. When she’s not thinking marketing strategy or graphic design, she’s usually playing music.